About us

I often hear that "you have to be born a programmer", but I find this to be a somewhat simplistic statement. I would say that the key to programming is analytical thinking, the ability to abstract. Those who possess these skills at a high level can achieve significant success as a programmer. When I was in college - when I already considered myself a programmer - I joined an industrial automation company. It was here that I realized how many areas in this industry the same statement applies to.

Attila Telek, managing director

The more complex a machine we build, the more simple steps we have to break it down. To think over the process, to design the hardware, the software, the electronics. The basis of all relevant professions is to persistently break down the project into small parts that we can already see through, understand and prepare risk-free.

Since 2020, I have been managing Omega Byte Kft., whose main profile is the construction of custom machines and the programming of related software.

The software developer has the most thorough knowledge of the operation of the individual machines, which is why, if possible, the software developer is also the technical manager of the projects.

Our team currently consists of 10 people, 6 of whom deal with software development. Our developers

Our main strength is the creation of LabVIEW-based systems, several of us have 10+ years of experience and outstanding successes in this. In addition, the team includes several robot experts (KUKA, YASKAWA, ABB), PLC programmers (Siemens, Beckhoff), and .NET programmers.

We mainly carry out the design and machine production through our subcontractors.