Development of a driving support system

Driving support system layout

Description of the project

The task of the station is to upload the product (camera unit of the driving support system) with software.

To do this, the operator places trays filled with products into the station. They are moved into position by the tray moving system. The robot takes the pieces from the tray and places them in the software seats. This is where the software created by the customer is uploaded to the product. After that, the robot uses a vacuum manipulator to apply the identification label to the product. The product is moved to the unloading position. An important goal in planning the station is for the system to be completely self-sufficient, human intervention can only take place when loading and unloading products, human hands must not touch the product.

Driving support system model

Implementation of said system

The station is controlled by software written in LabVIEW running on an industrial PC. For this, a Beckhoff I/O island connected via an EtherCAT network provides the connection point with the sensors and actuators. A KUKA KR 10 R1100-2 robot was installed to move the pieces. There are 3 different intervention units on the robot. A gripper that realizes the position-stable movement of the product. A vacuum manipulator that takes the product identification label from the printer and places it on the finished product. Also, a Balluff camera, which is used for precise positioning of the robot. The trays are positioned by a moving system, which includes 2 servomotor lifts and several pneumatic units. Driving support system 1 Driving support system 2 Driving support system 3 Driving support system 4